Haute Couture Embroidery Course Hong Kong

Haute Couture Embroidery Course Hong Kong

Haute Couture Embroidery Course Hong Kong

Our French style Haute Couture Embroidery course, also known as Luneville Embroidery or Tambour Beading course.

Unlike traditional embroidery using needles, this Embroidery Course combines **Hand Embroidery **together with and *Luneville Embroidery *(using Luneville hook) embroidery techniques.
Haute represents top, Couture refers fashion clothing for women.
Top brand clothing such as Chanel, Lanvin, Christian Dior, YSL are well known for their sophisticated custom-made clothing using couture embroidery techniques.
The creation of works gives people a symbol of being gorgeous and expensive.

Such embroidery technique can widely applied on garments , bridal gowns , evening dresses , handbags , shoes to casual wear. You can also create a unique decorative art work according to your own preferences.

Come and join us to explore into the unique skills of Haute Couture embroidery @ Dancing Needles Embroidery


Haute Couture Embroidery Course (Broderie Haute Couture) Level One

Course objectives:
Introduction to Haute Couture embroidery techniques , practice using the special tool - Luneville hook to embroider and apply tubes , facets sequins on the embroidery piece .

Characteristic :
Combining of Luneville hook and traditional needle embroidery techniques . In French Haute Couture embroidery many of the stitches , particularly beads & sequins are stitch from the wrong side of fabric .


  • Pre-start : frame setting , mounting fabric on frame
  • Needle embroidery technique :
    • Flat stitch
    • Chenille embroidery
    • Using Paille( raphia) with traditional hand embroidery stitch
    • Long & Short stitching & shading
    • French knot
    • Applying beads
  • Luneville technique :
    • Handling the hook
    • How to start & end the thread
    • Essential basic stitches ( chainette)
    • Pulling stitch
    • Filling in
    • Applying facet sequins " in a river"
    • Applying tubes " in a river"
    • Back & forth chainette ( tight back stitch )
    • Application of metallic gold thread
  • Finishing stage:
    • Ironing
    • Final undressing


Haute Couture Embroidery Course HK Fees and Charges

Class hours: 30 hours (10 classes each of 3 hours)

Course fee: HKD$6,000

  • Course fee can be payable in two phases :
    • initial payment HKD$3,600 to be settled upon registration or class starts
    • balance payment HKD$2,400 payable before starting the 6th class

Note: all fee paid are non-refundable or transferable to other courses or personnel

Course material and tools charges: HKD$3,200

  • Course material includes : silk fabric, assorted embroidery threads, beads, sequins, embellishments, hand embroidery needle pack, box of sewing pins, etc

Tools includes: couture embroidery professional 58x93cm slate frame, Luneville hook set, 10 meter of cotton blinding

Class time:

10:00 - 13:00
10:00 - 13:00
10:00 - 13:00
14:30 - 17:30
14:30 - 17:30
19:00 - 22:00


Participants can choose to attend class in any of the above time slot but Advance bookings is required and once the bookings are confirmed, only ONE time of ONE class can be changed / cancel in every 5 classes.

Registration / Inquiry: Email ( annisa600@hotmail.com) or WhatsApp 90198123